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downloads - older releases

Here are listed the older releases for Underworld Adventures. All downloadable files can be found in the Sourceforge Project Files.

music packs

The digital music pack is available here:

mingw32 compile packs

There are some packages that help setting up MinGW compilation:

release 0.8-hot-chili

Released on 2003-04-24

release 0.7-muffin

Released on 2003-02-11

release 0.6-rotworm-stew

Released on 2002-11-21

release 0.5-butterfinger

Released on 2002-08-22

release 0.4-cheesecake

Released on 2002-07-30

release 0.3-poppypastry

Released on 2002-07-08

release 0.2-grainroll

Released on 2002-06-20