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Welcome to the Underworld Adventures development section!


If you want to jump right into the code, just download the latest release or get the latest CVS version of the code. If you want to submit a bug report, just go to the bug tracker. We also have a mailing list, uwadv-devel, to discuss development related matters. Finally we have an official IRC channel, #uwadv.

All Underworld Adventures team members are listed on the about us page. If you want to contact the project manager, just write tovividos' mail address (be sure to add the keyword "uwadv" so that you can be sure that I get the email). A "development log" that lists what happened with the project so far is also available.

job offers

The Underworld Adventures team always searches for more members. We currently search for:

  • MacOS X porter: someone who ports uwadv to MacOS X
  • developers: C++ or Lua skills required
  • graphic artist: some graphic artist to create some images, e.g. for the new splash screen (while loading the game) or for a new installer look
  • continuity experts: people that have in-depth knowledge of Ultima Underworld 1 (no other skills required)
  • all people that want to test releases, lend a hand in various things or that want to promote Underworld Adventures

As Underworld Adventures is an Open-Source project, all work is done voluntarily and no pay can be offered. If you want to apply, just write a mail tovividos' mail address.


Development is divided into several steps: First, a rather exact remake should be done of the game. The design specification is the original game itself. An alternative game user interface is also planned. A visual "Underworld Debugger" is created during the project, to help developers creating the game. When all game features are in and bugs are fixed, a first release can be done.

The Second step would be to integrate Ultima Underworld 2, as it's very similar. When that is completed, a second release can be done.

A third possible step would be to create a "Exult Studio"-like application that allows to create new games in the style of the Ultima Underworlds.

Extensions to Underworld Adventures could be 3D objects and models that replace the 2D sprites used in the game. Another possibility would be digital sound effects and a digitally remastered soundtrack.